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The Yankee Swim League Postseason is the most exciting time of the year and is the culmination of all of the hard work of the swimmers coaches and parents of the Yankee Swim League.  In addition, it features some of the best and most exciting moments of the season, and finest examples of sportsmanship and teamwork you can find.  Unfolding over the course of three consecutive weeks, the Postseason can be summed up into three parts: 

                                 YANKEE LEAGUE TRIALS                          
  • Yankee League Trials is held on two days, with Senior Trials (ages 11 and up) typically being held on a Saturday, and Junior Trials taking place Sunday afternoon.  8 & Under Championships is typically held the morning of Junior Trials.
  • Trials are held two weeks before All Stars, per the Rules of Competition Section of the Constitution
  • All Yankee League swimmers who have qualified for trials per Constitution and Team Guidelines participate in Trials.
  • Swimmers can compete in a maximum of two individual events and two relay events at Trials. 
  • Swimmers that place in the top tweleve individually or top six in a relay event advance to Championships
  • Each individual event has two alternates when numbers allow.
  • There are no alternates for relays. 
  • If two swimmers tie for twelfth place, a swimoff will take place after the 13 & Over Boys 200 yard Freestyle Relay to determine who advances to finals and who becomes 1st Alternate.
  • Venue and times are determined at the September Meeting.
                               YANKEE LEAGUE FINALS                           

Yankee League Finals also takes place over the course of two days: 8 & Under Championships takes place the same weekend as Trials and Senior Finals takes place the Saturday after.  Finals is a massive nine team brawl that consists of every Yankee League team battling against one another.  Each swimmer that places in the top twelve in individual events and top six in relays scores points for his or her team, with a champion being crowned after the dust has settled.

  • Senior Finals are held one week before All Stars, per the Rules of Competition Section of the Constitution. 
  •  If there is a scratch, the alternate that replaces the scratched swimmer will take his or her lane and heat assignment. 
  •  Awards are presented to the top tweleve individual swimmers in each age group and event, and the top six relays. 
  •  Awards are also presented to the teams of each highest scoring age group, and the three teams with the highest overal  scores at Championships.
  •  The top 3 swimmers in each individual event qualify for Yankee League All Stars.  Swimmers can also qualify for All Stars via the double qualification rule. 
  • Swimmers cannot qualify for All Stars in a relay event. 
  • Each age group has two All Star Alternates
  • Venue and times are set at the September Meeting. 
  •  Finals are totally awesome. 


                       YANKEE LEAGUE ALL STARS                             



Yankee League All Stars is the final event of the season, and is also the most unique.  Swimmers that have run the gauntlet of the entire season and qualified for this meet face one final challenge:  The All Star Pentahalon. 

  • All Stars takes place on the first Saturday in March, per the Rules of Competition Section of the Constitution. 
  • The Pentathalon involves each participant swimming 5 times (obviously): one race of each stroke, and an Individual Medley
  • 8 & unders swim a 25 of each stroke and a 100 Yard IM, 9 and overs swim a 50 of each stroke and a 100 Yard IM
  • The swimmer in each age group with the lowest cumulative time is the champion
  • If a swimmer is disqualified in an event he or she is assigned the highest time in that event plus five seconds
  • Seeding is random for each event
  • In the event of a scratch, the alternate is assigned the heat and lane event of the scratched swimmer for each event.
  • All swimmers receive awards at the conclusion of the All Star Meet.
  • The final event of the year features some of the most gut wrenching pulsepounding action in competitive sports:  Event #60, also known as the Coaches Relay.  You can learn more about that on the Coaches Relay section of the site. 
  • Venue and time is determined at the September Meeting.