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           The Yankee Swim League Board              

The Yankee Swim League Meets 3 times a year to devote the state of the league.  The responsibilities of the board, officiers, and meeting dates are covered in Articles IV - VII of the Constitution.  In this section of the website, you will find all that you need to know regarding the administrative duties of the Yankee League:


  •  CURRENT OFFICERS provides the name and team affiliation of our executive council for this year;
  •  PAST OFFICERS takes us down memory lane with a look at past administrations;
  •  THE CONSTITUTION allows you to review the bylaws that guide us;
  •  MEETING MINUTES AND AGENDAS is the area for you to review the goings on of past meetings; and
  •  MEETING DATES AND NOTES will give you information on the three yearly meetings that shape yankee swim league policy, including time and location of the meetings. 


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