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       YANKEE SWIM LEAGUE RECORDS             



The Yankee Swim League has been proud to commemorate its rich history of over 30 years of first rate swimming competition by keeping track of the record breaking perfomances that have occured throughout the decades.  The league is proud to now feature these records on yankeeswimleague.org.  Records are divided into two categories, which can be accessed using the dropdown menu above:


DUAL MEET RECORDS are records broken in any standard dual meet event.  These records can be broken during any Yankee League Dual Meet, or the Yankee League Postseason: Trials, Finals or All Stars.  The criteria for records is covered in the Yankee League Constitution, Article VI, Section J. 


ALL STAR PENTATHALON RECORDS are exclusive to the final meet of the year, Yankee League All Stars.  The All Star meet, held one week after Yankee League Championships, features all swimmers that qualified competing in five races - one of each stroke and an individual medley - with the swimmer holding the lowest cumulative time in each age group the winner.