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The Yankee League Constitution - as amended 9/9/15

The Yankee League Constitution is the law of the Yankee League and contains all bylaws and rules that govern this fine institution.  The laws cover conduct at meets and the administrative role of the league, and should be consulted whenever a question arises - the answer is probably in here. 

The Constitution




ARTICLE I ......... NAME...........................................................PAGE 3

ARTICLE II ....... PURPOSE.................................................…PAGE 3 3ARTICLE III...... MEMBERSHIP..........................................PAGE 3/4 ARTICLE IV...... REPRESENTATION OF MEMBERS.......PAGE 4


ARTICLE VI.......OFFICERS..........................................……..PAGE 5 ARTICLE VII...... MEETINGS.................................................PAGE 5

ARTICLE VIII.....AMENDMENTS..........................................PAGE 6                                                                                                                                                                                                                          RULES OF COMPETITION

ARTICLE I...........SCHEDULED MEETS...........................PAGE 8  ARTICLE II..........ELEGIBILTY.........................................PAGE 8 ARTICLE III........AGE GROUPS........................................PAGE 9  ARTICLE IV.........OFFICIALS............................................PAGE 9 ARTICLE V..........ORDER OF EVENTS............................PAGE 10

ARTICLE VI........CONDUCT OF MEETS........................ PAGE 10/11 ARTICLE VII.......PROTESTS.............................................PAGE 12

ARTICLE VIII......AWARDS.........................................…...PAGE 12/13


APPENDIX  I........ORDER OF EVENTS............................PAGE 1415
















This organization shall be known as the Yankee Swim League.



          The purpose of the league shall be to provide opportunities for character development and physical fitness through competitive swimming.




A.               New organizations may apply for membership and  receive consideration, but must meet with the approval of one more than half of the organizations to become a member of the league.


B.               Application for the league must be received by the first                meeting of the new season.


C.               Each member organization shall pay a yearly registration fee,  due October 1st. Registration fees will be credited to the general fund for use of operating expenses. It is the responsibility of the president to notify all teams of the September meeting date and include an invoice for the yearly registration fee.


D.               Any member organization, which has neglected to pay the registration fee within 10 days of the due date, loses league status until payment is made.


E.               League rosters are due December 1st to the President with the following information:


              Age (as of Nov. 1st)

              Date of Birth

             Sex- M/F


          Additions to roster must be submitted no later than February 1st.    
A.      Each member organization is a member of the league board and entitled to one representative per each league meeting who will have one vote.


B.               Decisions shall be made by majority vote of the teams represented at that meeting.


C.      Members must be present in order to vote.





A.      To admit, reject, suspend or otherwise sanction member teams.


B.      To plan, supervise and conduct all league functions.


C.      To promote swimming in general.


D.      To determine eligibility of individuals for competition in the league.


E.      To set dues and handle the finances of the league.


F.      To elect the league officers.




A.      Officers shall be: President, Vice President, Treasurer,


B.      Officers shall be elected for terms of one year at the February meeting by majority of the teams present. Terms of officers start at the conclusion of the May meeting.

C.      League Webmaster – A Webmaster shall be appointed by the league to maintain and update the official website, www.yankeeswimleague.org.  The Webmaster shall be compensated in the amount determined by the league.  The term of duty for the Webmaster shall run from May to May.  The Webmaster and the amount of compensation shall be determined by league members at the May meeting.


D.    President will update all records, post schedules, meeting minutes on website Yankee swim League org.


    *   Notifying all teams of league meetings and hosting league meetings per schedule established in Article VII of this document.

     *  Invoice each team for yearly registration fee prior to the September meeting.

     *  Collect results from league meets held during the season

     *  Call special league meetings if necessary as per Article VI, Section E. of this document.

      *  Maintain league records.

      *  Form protest committees as necessary to resolve any

           protests per guidelines established in the “Rules of Competition” section, Article VII of this document.

       * Updating all records, post schedules, results, meeting

          agendas and minutes on the league website,



D.   Vice President shall be responsible for assuming the president’s responsibilities in cases where the president cannot meet those obligations.

E.   Secretary shall be responsible for taking minutes at league meetings and provide them to the president within 72 hours of each meeting so they can be posted on the league website for members to review.

F.   Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining league finances, reporting on general financial status at league meetings and making recommendations on fees for each season.

·        League Treasurer will recommend team dues, membership will vote and set dues for following season at May meeting.

·       League Treasurer will recommend championship entry fee amount, membership will vote and set entry fee at September meeting.        




A.      All league meetings shall be hosted by the president.


B.      The first league meeting shall be held the second Wednesday of September each year at 7:00 PM


C.      There will be a seed meeting in February (2) two weeks prior to the championship trials.

         i. All teams shall submit their post-season event entries

             and fees to the league treasurer on or before the

             scheduled February meeting.


D.      There will be a league meeting the first Wednesday in May at 7:00 p.m.


E.      Special meetings may be called by the President or upon request of one half of the board members. Voting may be done by e-mail.


F.      One more than half of the registered organizations shall be present before any meeting can be called to order.




A.      Amendments to the constitution or rule changes may be proposed by any team representative at a league meeting after the regular business.


B.      Amendments may be made by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the board members present at a meeting called by the President for that purpose.




















Rules of Competition




A.      The dual meet schedule shall be established at the first league meeting.


A.              B League Divisions – All League Divisions shall be aligned at the spring meeting after league championships with the Crocker and Hansen division being formed by the overall results at Yankee League Championships.  Crocker division will be teams first through fifth place, and Hansen Division will be teams sixth through eleventh place.



C.      Meets will start at a time agreeable to both coaches.


CD.   A scheduled 45-minute warm-up may be shortened if agreed upon by the coaches. At least a 15-minute warm-up shall be given to the visiting team, should the start be delayed due to extenuating circumstances.


DE.   1. The All-Star meet will be conducted the first Saturday in March.


          2. League Championship Finals will be conducted the weekend prior to the All-Star meet.


          3. League Championship Trials will be conducted two weeks prior to the All-Star meet.




A.  Any swimmer, while a bona-fide member of the organization he or she swims for, is eligible to compete in dual meets except for a swimmer who is or has been on a boy’s high school team.





B.      No swimmer may compete for more that one team in the league during the league’s competitive season.


C.      Only swimmers who have participated in half of league meets officially or unofficially are eligible for league championships.


D.      Special exceptions to Article II can be approved by a majority vote of the league board.


E.      New swimmers may be added to a team until February 1st.




A.      There will be events in the following age groups: boys and girls ages 8 & under, 9 & 10, 11 & 12; girls 13 & 14; boys 13 & over; and girls 15-18. At league championships boys and girls 6 & under events will be conducted in free, back, breast and fly.


B.      The age group, which a swimmer competes in for the entire season, including the championships, is determined by his or her age on November 1st.  Swimmers can only swim in their age group.





A.      Must be qualified adults, except timers who may be qualified teenagers.


B.      The officials will be agreed upon by the coaches prior to the start of the meet.

C.      Suggested number of officials for a meet is:

                   1- combination starter/referee

                   2- stroke & turn judges


                   2- scorers, (one from each team)

                   3- timers per lane

                   1- backup timer


D.      Adjustments to the above may be made as agreed upon by the coaches.




A.      See Appendix I

           No extra heats allowed in the following events:

          Medley relays, 9/10 100 yd Free, all 200 yd events, all individual medley events and 8/u 50 yd Free.


B.      By agreement of both coaches, unofficial events can be added to the order of events at their discretion.




A.      Current USA Stroke & Turn Rules will prevail except as otherwise specified in these rules.


B.      The treasurer will provide the USA rulebook to each head coach at the September meeting.


C.      Starting blocks recommended. Backstroke flags and lane lines required.


D.      The visiting team has a right to be represented at the scorer’s table.


E.      A swimmer may be entered in a maximum of (3) three individual events and (1) one relay, or (2) two individual        

          events and (2) two relays, whether thethey swim officially or unofficially unless they are swimming an unofficial relay.    

          ~ Note: At championships a swimmer may only be entered in a maximum of (2) two relays and (2) two individual events.


F.       A heat sheet, listing the number of entries in each event, must be provided to the starter at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the meet.


G.     1. Scoring for individual events in dual meets will be separate for girls and boys as follows:

                   * Five (5) points for first place

                   * Three (3) points for second place

                   * One (1) point for third place

          2. Relays will be scored as follows:

                   * Five (5) points for first place

                   * Three (3) points for second place

                   * One (1) point for third place

          ~ Note: (Relays for championship trials and finals) If a relay qualifies for finals, the swimmers participating can be changed on the day of finals provided the swimmers being entered have not been disqualified in their relay at trials.


          3. A dual meet will be decided by the combined final score of boys and girls. Scoring of championships will be by age group and team scores. USA scoring rules will prevail.


H.     Score sheets must be uniform throughout the league.


I.       The home team is responsible for informing the league president of the meet score, plus submitting copies of            


         the results within (48) forty-eight hours of the completion                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       of the meet.  A notice will be sent from the president with the scores of the meets.


J.      It is the responsibility of the team whose swimmer breaks a record to inform the league president of the league record broken during a dual meet. If a league record is broken during a dual meet, the meet will be interrupted and the swimmer will be recognized. Three watches or electronic timing is needed to break a league record. If three stopwatches are used, the referee and both coaches must sign the time card, the card must be sent to the president. If automatic timing is used, the timing system printout must be signed by the referee and both coaches and sent to the president.


K.     If a meet cannot be completed for any reason, the case shall be presented to the league board for a ruling.


L.      Unofficial swimmers’ cards must be so marked, as well as being so marked on the official score sheet.


M.     Relay scratch sheets are to be distributed with individual scratch sheets prior to warm-ups at championship meets.


N.      Scratch sheets for all age groups, and events must be submitted to the meet manager 30 minutes prior to the start of championships.

O.     False Starts – Swimmers would be allowed to participate,.

         andThe swimmer will be disqualified from the event. 



A.      All protests must be made in writing and postmarked or delivered to the league president within (72) seventy-two hours of the time that the meet in question concluded.


B.      The league will act upon all protests as expeditiously as possible, and the protest committee will make a decision within two weeks of the date that the protest was received.


C.      A protest committee shall be formed to resolve all protests. The protest committee will consist of one person from the protesting team, one person from the protested team and one uninvolved league officer.

          The protest committee will consider all pertinent evidence in order to resolve the protest based upon a majority vote of protest committee members.




A.      If a league record is broken, during championships, the meet will be interrupted and the swimmer will be recognized.


B.               A dual meet championship trophy will be awarded to the team that compiled the best win-loss record during the season. In the event of a tie, both teams will receive a trophy.


C.              Team and individual awards will be awarded to contestants at the championship meet as determined each year.


D.              League records will be on heat sheets at the championship







































GIRLS EVENTS                                    BOYS EVENTS

1.   100 MEDLEY RELAY                  8/UNDER                                               2

3.  200 MEDLEY                                  9/10                                                         4

5.   200 MEDLEY                                11/12                                                        6

7.   200 MEDLEY RELAY                 13 & OVER                                            8


9.      25 FREESTYLE                         8/UNDER                                               10

11.  100 FREESTYLE                         9/10                                                         12

13. 100 FREESTYLE                         11/12                                                        14

15. 100 FREESTYLE                         13/14                                                        16

17. 100 FREESTYLE                         15 & OVER       


19.        25 BUTTERFLY                      8/ UNDER                                              20

21.    50 BUTTERFLY                        9/10                                                         22

23.    50 BUTTERFLY                        11/12                                                       24

25.  100 BUTTERFLY                        13/14                                                       26

27 . 100 BUTTERFLY                        15/ OVER


29.   200 FREESTYLE                        11/12                                                      30

31.   200 FREESTYLE                        13/14                                                      32 13\0 BOYS

33.   200 FREESTYLE                        15 & OVER


35.   25 BACKSTROKE                      8/ UNDER                                             36

37.   50 BACKSTROKE                      9/10                                                        38

39.   50 BACKSTROKE                      11/12                                                      40

41.  100 BACKSTROKE                     13/14                                                      42

43.  100 BACKSTROKE                     15 & OVER


45.     100 I.M.                                          8/UNDER                                            46

46.     100 I.M.                                          9&10                                                    48

49.   200 I.M.                                         11/12                                                     50

51.     200 I.M.                                         13/14                                                     52 13/ O BOYS

52.     200 I.M.                                         15 & OVER


55.   25 BREASTSTROKE                  8/UNDER                                             56

57.  50 BREASTSTROKE                   9&10                                                     58

59.  50 BREASTSTROKE                  11&12                                                    60

61. 100 BREASTSTROKE                 13/14                                                      62 13/ O BOYS

63. 100 BREASTSTROKE                 15 & OVER 


65.  50 FREESTYLE                            8/ UNDER                                            66

67.  50 FREESTYLE                            9&10                                                     68

69.  50 FREESTYLE                           11&12                                                    70

71.  50 FREESTYLE                           13/14                                                      72 13/ O BOYS

73. 50 FREESTYLE                            15 & OVER


75.  100 FREE RELAY                        8/UNDER                                              76

77.  200 FREE RELAY                        9&10                                                      78

79.  200 FREE RELAY                       11 &12                                                    80

81.  200 FREE RELAY                       13& OVER                                            82

Yankee League Constitution - revised May 2011