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          Meeting Dates:  2016-2017 Season           

September Meeting:  Wednesday, September 14, 2016, 7:00 pm Plainville

"February" Meeting: Wednesday, TBD, 7:00 pm 

May Meeting: TBD

                              An Overview of Yankee League Meetings                                       

The Yankee Swim League meets thrice a year in a constant effort to improve the face of our sport.  Each meeting is used to discuss new business and ideas and monitor the state of the league, but each meeting also has unique agenda points as well.  Meetings are covered in Article VII of the Constitution.  Locations of meetings are decided by the President and are usually in his or her home swim town.  Special meetings can be called by the president or by one half of the league, but half of the league must be present at any meeting for it to be deemed official. 


The September Meeting:

  • The September meeting is always held on the second Wednesday of September at 7:00 pm.

  • The September meeting is the season kick off meeting which sets the dates of all dual meets and the date time and location of the Yankee League Postseason. 

  •  The September meeting is the first full meeting of the Executive Board inaugurated in May.


The February Meeting:

  • The February Meeting is always held 2 weeks prior to Yankee League Trials.

  • The February Meeting is also known as the seed meeting, and is the deadline for all teams to submit their entries to Yankee League Trials. 

  • Officers for the next season are elected at the February Meeting

  • The February Meeting used to be the January Meeting, but new technology and a more rigid submission format have made it possible to submit entries later than before, providing the coaches and teams with more time to put into their entries. 


The May Meeting:

  • The May Meeting is always held on the first Wednesday of May at 7:00 pm.

  • The May Meeting is the Season Review Meeting, where coaches reflect on the season that has passed and discuss any possible improvements or changes. 
  • The new Executive Board takes office at the conclusion of the May Meeting.
  • The May Meeting is the newest meeting for the Yankee League, and was added to the Constitution circa 2006.