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Yankee League Dual Meet Champions

Each year, the team with the best record during the dual meet season is awarded the Dual Meet Championship Trophy at Yankee League Championships.  In the event of a tie, both teams are awarded the championship.  Awards are addressed in Article VIII of the Constitution.

History of Yankee Swim League Dual Meet Champions


Year Dual Meet Champion(s)



Hansen Division: Newtown Torpedoes

Crocker Division: Watertown Warriors & Trumbull Pisces

 Hansen Division: Oxford Otters

Crocker Division: Watertown Warriors & West Haven Wizards 

  2011-2012  Watertown Warriors
  2010-2011 Bristol Splash

 Southbury Sharks

 West Haven Wizards

 2008-2009 Watertown Warriors
 2007-2008 Southbury Sharks
 2006-2007 Southbury Sharks